Cosmo-electro culture

"Using Ground Potential Energy"

George Starr White M.D.

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                                           Figure 1

Natural Forces

(Simplified Spelling Means Progress.)

George Starr White M.D.

The Cosmic Forces, when harnest and correctly applied, can change UN-Health into Helth as well as making helth more helthy..

Cosmo-Electro-Energy-Condenser, for "home" treatments as well as for treating others, I have d'evized a most unique outfit that can be used in any room, apartment, or house. This outfit can b'e used by any physician, who seeks to use natural methods for chan'ging UN-health into Health. Any person can use this sistem of treatment at home, iether while under the care of a physician or not. Takeing Condenst Energy from the atmosfere is as natural as breathing.

To simplify, for home treatments, the utilizing of the Cosmic Forces, one may use a half-inch hard copper rod 12 feet long as shown in Fig 1. The end is driven into the ground is pointed as illustrated. Nine feet are driven into the ground, while three feet remain above the ground. On the end above the ground should be securely fastend a two-inch "hard-copper," or fosfo bronze ball. To this "ground rod" may be attacht the "Ground Wire," or Energy Conductor, iether by clip, clamp, or by sodering. This illustration shows a regular "Testing Clip," clip on the Rod.

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The following is a detaild description of this unique, portabl unit: A, shows a one-half-inch hard-copper rod, which is directly connected up to the Ground Rod illustrated in Figure 1. Please notis that this Copper Rod, A, is surmounted by a non-magnetic metal ball the same as the Ground Rod shown in Figure 1.

C1, indicates a copper Attachment Lug connected to Copper Rod, A. A Universal Clip is clip on this Lug, while its attacht, flexible Copper-Wire Energy Conductor has another Universal Clip attacht to the Lug, shown at C2, which has to be connected to the Ground Rod illustrated in Figure 1. This puts the Copper-Rod, A, in direct energy connection with the Earth.

The rod, A, passes thru the copper-wire cilinder that is shown more in detail in Figure 3. B1 represents another half-inch-copper rod, also surmounted by a non-magnetic metal ball two inches in diameter. B2 B3,  and B4, represent three other half-inch-copper rods passing thru this same copper-wire cilinder. These four "secondary" copper rods do not contact the "primary" copper rod, A, but are joind together at the lower end of the cilinder by an "armature" that tuches nothing except these four "secondary" rods.

Attacht to the "primary" rod, A, as well as to the "secondary" rod, B1 are Universal Clips. The Clips are fastend to the ends of two treatment cords which are made of heavy, flexible copper wire, well insulated. At the other ends of the treatment cords is another set of Clips to hold the varius treatment devices that may be used.

Between the "primary" and "secondary" rods is a definit "induction" space.

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Many unthinking and well-meaning persons ask me if I can "prove" that what I claim of my discoveries is true. I do not reply to such persons. Ordinary commonsense should tell anybody that I would not spend fortunes and decades of long hours without testing every step of my way. Some may say that I could have foold myself. To thoes I would reply that in that case "do not ask me questions", for U mite be foold by my ansers!

( it is impossible to find a "short cut" to knowledge)