The SG Project


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     I will be posting  new pictures as the building process on the new energizer moves along.

machtherot.jpg (21502 bytes)  

Machining the rotor

finish rot..jpg (14867 bytes)

Finished Rotor  6' Diameter


coilmac..jpg (17219 bytes)   

Machining   coil mounts


coilmounts.jpg (11716 bytes)

Finished Coil Mounts


templatepat.jpg (9118 bytes)

Making the template for the bearings

closeuprot.jpg (12633 bytes)

Close up view after bearings are installed

sideviewal.jpg (15933 bytes)

Side view alignment

frontviwe11.jpg (14718 bytes)

Marking angle alignment of rotor

magaling1.jpg (17898 bytes)

Rotor mounted with magnets and aligned

frontmount.jpg (18052 bytes)

Front view of rotor with magnets

coilwind1.jpg (14175 bytes)

Winding the coils on the coil winding jig

rods11.jpg (16379 bytes)

Cutting welding rod for coil cores

coilready2.jpg (24307 bytes)

Coils wound and mounting bases finished

gluecoil1.jpg (15656 bytes)

Coil being glued to mounting base under pressure

coilmotmont1.jpg (19209 bytes)

All six coils mounted on frame around rotor

coilsidev1.jpg (17671 bytes)

Angle view of finished mechanical set up

switchingmount1.jpg (27989 bytes)

Mounting the switching circuits.


coleswitching33.jpg (24767 bytes)

Soldering  switching  circuits to the coils, mounting buss bars.