Structure of the Schappeller Device

First developed in Germany. After the Second World War two different sciences developed called "Physics". One was the relativism taught in schools. The second more esoteric type wasutilized only secretly, by the secret government, for deep blackprojects.

According to Davson's description upon which we will rely, the Schappeller device is really composed of two separate units, the rotor and the stator. The stator is constructed as follows: Its surface is round or ball-shaped, being composed of two half-shells of steel. These half-shells contain the internal structure and are air tight. Attached at each "pole" of each half-shell is an iron bar magnet, most of whose structure is internal. This means that the bulk of the magnet is inside the steel ball, one opposite the other. There is a space between thetwo bar magnets at the very center of the sphere.

Insulation, a ceramic material, is placed on the inside of the steel ball leaving a hollow central area. Within this hollow area and around the space between the magnets are wound two internal coils. These originate at the bar magnet poles and each terminates at the center of the sphere with a connection leading out of the sphere to the rotor. These coils are composed of a hollow copper tube filled with a special and secret substancecalled the "electret". Upon leaving the sphere the electret filled copper tubes are replaced by conventional copper wire. An electrical connection is made from the outside surface of one pole to one pole of a special type of battery which is grounded at the other pole or, as an alternative, to a special device called an "Ur-machine" which will be discussed.

This electret is a permanent magnet within the sphere. This type of magnetism is not identical with ferro-magnetism or electromagnetism, it is much stronger . The actual composition of Schappeller's electret remains a secret but another electret  has been made by Professor Mototaro Eguchi. It consists of carnauba wax and resin, perhaps also containing some beeswax. It was kept in a strong electric field while baking slowly until it solidified. For purposes of production of Schappeller spheres, a complete electret manufacturing plant would have to be set up which had no parallel in present science .

Before being set into operation, all the air is pumped from the hollow core of the sphere. This whole ball is mounted on aswivel mechanism so that the poles can be moved from the vertical to the horizontal. The stator is completely unattached from the rotor. The stator can function without the rotor and the stator is capable of producing electrical energy without the rotor. The rotor could also be used to generate additional electrical energy.

The rotor consists of: A steel wheel of special design fixed on

For an understanding of what is really happening here we have to consider the bar magnet. We think of a bar of iron with two poles, one positive and one negative or perhaps one north and one south pole. But there are really three components to the bar magnet. There are the two poles and the neutral zone between the poles If we cut the magnet in half we get two new poles. For the Schappeller this neutral area is very important. Imagine a barmagnet running through the vertical axis of the ball. Then imagine the center section cut out. We now have a north pole at the top of the ball, a south pole at the bottom of the ball just as we do with the planet Earth. In the center we have a missing section with a south pole, opposing the north pole at the top ofthe ball and, likewise, a north pole opposite the south pole at the bottom of the ball. We have now four poles and a split barmagnet with a gap in its center section.

It is this gap in the center where Schappeller's "glowing magnetism" is generated by grounding, that is, charging the device via a special battery and an earth connection. This glowing magnetism is the mystery. Davson cites Schappeller's calculations and gives this form of magnetism as being one thousand times more powerful than that produced by present magnetism . He also states that in this form of magnetism the electricity is stationary while the magnetism is radiated .

To repeat again, Davson contends throughout his book that this glowing magnetism is not found in secondary physics, that is, in modern physics, and that this glowing magnetism is a manifestation of primary physics. As a phenomenon of primary physics, it is responsible for and can generate heat, electricity and magnetism.

After initial stimulation and in a state of glowing magnetism, no further input of energy is needed from the battery. The deviceis able to draw in energy to it directly from the surrounding aether, bind this energy though its magnetic electret material, that is the filling in the hollow copper coils of the internal coil, and then re-radiate energy producing heat, electricity,magnetism or mechanical work depending upon the application.

Stated another way, this is an implosion device and it is described as such . Unlike the Schauberger device which is associated with the word implosion, the Schappeller device operates purely at the energetic level. Energy is drawn towards the center, through the magnets, into the field of glowing magnetism, and then radiated outward.

The first explanation for this output of radiant energy involves the concept of the Bloch Wall. A Bloch Wall is defined by Van Norstrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, 1958 edition, pages 201 and 202, as follows:

"This is a transition layer between adjacent ferromagnetic domains magnetized in different directions. The wall has a finite thickness of a few hundred lattice constants, as it isenergetically preferable for the spin directions to change slowly from one orientation to another, going through the wall rather than to have an abrupt discontinuity".

In electromagnetics the Bloch Wall is external to the hardware itself. It is the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electronic magnetic energies of the north and south poles. The negative north pole magnetism spins to the left while the positive south pole spins to the right. Energy is being conducted into the Schappeller device through the un-insulated poles and being conducted and spun on its way to the center of the unit. The point of zero magnetism, no spin and magnetic reversal, where the two spin fields join, is the Bloch Wall .

Most of us have heard of the two Thermodynamic Laws. These are laws of heat. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is conserved, meaning that the total amount of energy in the universe always remains the same. This is no surprise for most of us and it is not the real concern here.

What is of concern is the Second Law of Thermodynamics which discusses heat and entropy. The word entropy might be thought of as a state of randomness or chaos. Negative entropy would then mean movement toward the less random or the more ordered in any particular thing. If we apply this to a system, then entropy tends to increase until the system breaks down in utter chaos

This will occur unless the system is re-charged with additional outside energy. A concrete example is less confusing.

Imagine a new automobile just coming off the assembly line. It has taken a great deal of energy to find, refine, forge, weld,and paint the metal parts of this car alone. This same concept also applies to all the other components of the car. This energy and organization constitute a highly organized state, or, said another way, a state of negative entropy.

What happens next illustrates entropy. The car is purchased. Whaether it is driven hard or just sits in the garage does not matter in the long run because what happens to the car is that it starts to fall apart. This change may be small at first and may only occur at the molecular level, but it occurs nevertheless.The engine, transmission, paint, rubber, electronics, etc. all will fail with time. Even it the car just sits in the garage, in a thousand years the metal will eventually oxidize. Finally, the car rusts away forming a reddish brown heap. This is exactly the opposite of the organization and energy used to put the car togaether. This disorganization is entropy. The only thing which will reverse this, as we all know, are additional inputs of energy by the owner in the form of maintenance and repairs.

All things in a relative state of relative order move toward a state of disorder. In terms of heat, heat will always flow into a colder place from a warmer place. When something is heated there is a rise in its entropy. With increasing heat its molecules move faster and faster in random chaos as a bomb does when it explodes. Increasing heat means increasing randomness and chaos which is entropy. Cold, then, can be seen in terms of negative entropy. Any cold object is simply more organized and less random than the same object once it is heated.

Schappeller had something to say about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. He said there was another and unknown thermodynamic cycle which runs opposite the Second Law.  We will call it  "Reverse Thermodynamics".   It is the reverse of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in that it leads to an increase in entropy. Not only is there an increase in order but there is an increase in cold! Schappeller, according to Mr. Watson's letter, built his spherical device primarily to demonstrate the principles behind this Reverse Thermodynamics. It was not designed as a practical machine.